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Social Security Benefits for People with Disabilities

Leavitt Meunier Law LLC May 25, 2023

Within the United States, hundreds of thousands of disabled individuals rely on social security benefits to maintain a measure of financial security. For those who experience a disability that makes maintaining a job impossible, SSDI is often the only chance they have of remaining independent, safe, and healthy. For decades, the professionals at Leavitt & Meunier Law have been here to guide those with disabilities throughout Louisiana through the process of establishing disability and gaining the compensation they need. We’re here to ensure you understand what benefits you could receive and that you’re on the right path to getting the award you need without the stress of stumbling through the complicated, convoluted application process on your own.

What Social Security Benefits Are There for People With Disabilities?

Social security disability benefits are typically awarded to those who have a debilitating mental or physical illness that is either expected to last for a minimum of one year or result in death, leaving them unable to work a regular paying job. It’s worth noting that there are actually two types of social security benefits; SSDI and SSI.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is awarded to individuals (and certain family members) if the disabled individual has worked long enough and paid taxes on the earnings from that work. Your eligibility for this award depends mostly on how much you have paid into Social Security via your income taxes over the years, and those with low or no long-term income may find themselves ineligible for SSDI support.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), on the other hand, may be available to disabled adults who have limited household income and few resources. This acts as an important alternative to those who have been unable to work and pay taxes due to a wide range of different reasons but still require support in the face of a serious disability.

If awarded with either of these social security disability benefits programs, the disabled person in question (as well as children or certain other family members in some cases) will receive a set monthly payment. This payment is subject to review throughout the granted period, and may be raised, lowered, or even withdrawn. It’s a tricky situation, which is why it’s always advised to work with a legal professional when applying for your SSI or SSDI benefits.

Though the programs are slightly different from one another, the medical requirements for receiving them are identical. With the help of a doctor, you must establish that you have a disability that prevents you from receiving reliable financial income. This process can be challenging at the best of times, which it’s why it’s always a good idea to work with an attorney who specializes in dealing with the application and appeal process from beginning to end. The professionals at the Leavitt & Meunier Law know the application inside and out and can walk you through the entire process. From recommending you to a doctor to accumulating and submitting your documents and paperwork, we’re here to ensure you’re getting the financial support you deserve.

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Contact Leavitt & Meunier Law today to learn more about the benefits you or your loved one may stand to gain after being diagnosed with a disability that leaves you unable to work. We’ll take a personal, in-depth look at your case and guide you through the process of gaining the financial support you need and deserve as soon as possible. The application process can be a tricky one. Still, we’re here with years of experience, dedication, and expertise to make it as smooth and easy as possible so you can find security without the stress.