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What Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Do?

Leavitt Meunier Law LLC Aug. 25, 2023

If you plan to file for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits in Louisiana, you may want to work with an attorney specializing in this area:

  • When you hire an attorney to help you with your case, you will dramatically improve your chances of getting approval from the Social Security Administration.

  • An experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help you prepare and communicate on your behalf to ensure a smooth process for your claim.

What Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Do?

The application requirements and process for filing a disability claim can be overwhelming. There are many rules to follow to guarantee a successful outcome. Hiring professional representation is a good idea to help your case, but what is a Social Security disability attorney? This type of lawyer understands the complexities of the claim process and the potential issues with your case. An attorney who practices in this specialty can help you each step of the way.

Initial Review of Your Case

Disability lawyers review your case to determine if you have enough evidence to support a strong case. Often, claims do not have sufficient supporting documentation or medical evidence to confirm the need for benefits. An experienced attorney helps you gather and complete the needed paperwork to improve your chances of approval.

After you file your claim in Baton Rouge, Mandeville, or New Orleans, LA, the Social Security office decides if you meet the requirements to receive disability benefits. If you qualify, your application goes on to the Disability Determination Services department, where they conduct a full review and approve or deny your claim. An attorney helps you fill out the proper forms, collect needed proof, and submit your application correctly.

Medical Records for Your Claim

If you sign a medical privacy release, your attorney can contact your medical providers to obtain the necessary documents to prove your case. They understand which records, written statements, and relevant medical evidence show that you cannot work due to your medical condition. Your lawyer can also sift through a large number of medical records to determine which information to use.

Your attorney may also request a consultative examination to provide comprehensive information to the SSA. Typically, your primary medical professionals conduct this examination to offer proof of your medical conditions.


In addition to the necessary medical records, your disability attorney may request statements from co-workers, medical experts, and caregivers who are familiar with the circumstances of your case. Often, you have a hearing before an administrative law judge before you get approval. Experienced attorneys will have a pre-hearing meeting with you to prepare. Attorneys who practice in this field understand the process and know what type of questions the judge will likely ask you.

Disability Hearings

Attending a disability hearing can be a stressful experience if you are not familiar with the process. A Social Security disability lawyer can: 

  • Prepare everything ahead of time

  • Represent you at the hearing

  • Help you understand the requirements

  • Ask questions of witnesses

Reconsideration of Your Application

The DDS denies many claimants, but your lawyer can help you file a reconsideration appeal. A professional attorney knows the proper procedures and deadlines to file. When you utilize this option, a new DDS examiner reviews your disability case.

Appeals Process

If the SSA denies your initial claim, you may appeal the decision. This process has many specific steps and deadlines. A Social Security attorney can ensure you file the appeal correctly to optimize your chances of approval.

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