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Why Should I Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Leavitt Meunier Law LLC May 27, 2023

Social security disability is a crucial resource for those who cannot work due to physical or mental disabilities and illnesses. The financial support offered by SSDI allows individuals and families impacted by the effects of ongoing illness or disability to maintain some form of financial stability throughout their lives. However, as important as this resource is for millions of United States citizens, getting an SSDI application approved and receiving an award of monthly support is now harder than ever. 

Getting An SSDI Application Approved

That’s where the professionals at the Leavitt & Meunier Law in Metairie, LA come in. Our team of professionals have over 50 years of combined experience in law and takes a hands-on approach to guide our clients through the process of applying for SSDI benefits throughout Louisiana. We know the application process inside and out and how to maximize your chances of being awarded the financial support you need in the face of your disability or the disability of a family member.

How Do You Know When it Is Time?

It’s never too early to hire a social security disability attorney to help you through the application process. If you think you have a valid claim to SSDI, having a disability lawyer on your side from the very beginning can only be beneficial to your case. Filing for disability is an often complicated process, and even a slight error in your paperwork or a single missing document will result in a denial of your award. Furthermore, failure to thoroughly establish your disability with a qualified medical professional's assistance could result in denial. There are a number of stumbling blocks you could hit on the way to gaining SSDI support, but a professional disability lawyer has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you around them without fail.

First, an SSDI attorney can help you connect with a qualified doctor who can help you with establishing your disability. This is a crucial first step in the process, as it shows the courts and those who review your application that you or your loved one are truly in need of financial assistance due to disability. Hiring a social security disability lawyer before taking this first step is the best way to ensure your doctor has filled out your paperwork correctly and in a way that adequately purveys the difficulty of your situation to the courts.

If you’ve already submitted an application for SSDI and been rejected, you’ll still benefit from working with an SSDI attorney. In fact, this is the perfect time for hiring a social security disability attorney. If your application is denied, the Social Security Administration will grant you a 60 day period in which you may request a review or appeal of the decision. When you choose to appeal, you’ll receive several more documents to complete along with the opportunity to attend a hearing, either in person or over video. Appeal wait times can be long and stressful. Social security disability lawyers work to keep the process as hassle-free as possible by ensuring your paperwork is complete and standing beside you in any hearings you have scheduled.

Why Choose Us?

Why should I hire a social security disability attorney?

How will it benefit me? Will it give me better chances of obtaining an SSDI award? If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, it’s time to call the professionals at the Law Offices of Melanie Leavitt. With decades of combined experience, we’ve been serving disabled individuals in key areas of Louisiana for years and are dedicated to getting financial support to those who need it most. Furthermore, we never leave you to fend for yourself. Unlike long-distance advocates you might find online, we are local, licensed attorneys. We’ll stand beside you in court to ensure your voice is heard and that you’re truly getting the treatment you deserve.

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